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Mixed extra 500g only with pistachios
Mixed extra 750gMixed extra 750g
Mixed extra 750g only with pistachiosMixed extra 750g only with pistachios
Mixed extra 500g with pure honey
Mixed extra 1Kg with pure honey
Mixed extra 200gMixed extra 200g
Mixed extra 400gMixed extra 400g
Mixed extra 400g only with pistachiosMixed extra 400g only with pistachios
Mixed extra 500gMixed extra 500g
Mixed extra 800gMixed extra 800g
Mixed extra 1kgMixed extra 1kg
Mixed extra 1Kg only with pistachiosMixed extra 1Kg only with pistachios
Guraiba (kleine Stüke) 500gGuraiba (kleine Stüke) 500g
Harisa with pistachios  1100g
Harisa with Almonds 1000g
Harisa with Almonds 600g
Harisa with pistachios  600g
Mamoul with pistachios  500gMamoul with pistachios  500g
Barazek 500gBarazek 500g
Mamoul with walnut 500gMamoul with walnut 500g
Mamoul with dates 500gMamoul with dates 500g
Kekse 500gKekse 500g
Damaskus Konditorei (EMISSA) Kekse 500g
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Asabie with walnut 400gAsabie with walnut 400g

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